Retail businesses all across the country flourish when their network systems are working efficiently.  At Nationwide SCS, we appreciate the importance of meeting your company’s network design and IT support needs.   After all, technology is vital to the success of businesses because customers expect fast service and easy transactions without a hitch.   Efficient cabling and network design is paramount to allowing your employees to be their best at servicing customers quickly and effortlessly.   Let us help you keep your customers happy.

LAN / Fiber Cabling

Our professional technicians are experienced in extensive cabling and network installations specifically in large atypicical spaces.  Warehouse installations are our specialty.

Project Management

Network installations in large atypical spaces require careful surveying and detailed planning to ensure the proper installation equipment and a sufficient quantity of materials are on site.  Design functionality and safety is key.

WAN Construction Services

Enterprise organizations need a process to mitigate WAN construction installation risks and surprises.  We have skilled construction and knowledgeable negotiation that will assist in minimizing project risks.

Dispatch Services

Our goal is provide you with qualified technicians who specialize in networks and cable installation specifically within large atypical spaces.   Our technicians are typically dispatched within 48 hours and are punctual, knowledgable, and customer centric.

Wireless LAN Design

A successful WLAN Design encompasses all possible aspects of the location to ensure optimal connectivity.  The ideal location would be wide open so that a clear signal is available to all equipment and devices in every space.  In the real world, this is not the case.  We excel at analyzing your work environment to ensure the strongest connection, supporting full production for your site.  

Broadband Procurement

We want your company to grow and develop.  Companies today are recognizing that fast connections can open doors for business growth,  client satisfaction, and endless opportunites.   Let us provide broadband options that will enable you and your staff to be at their best and most efficient.