Professional Services


Reliable, smart technicians are vital to a successful IT or telecom service business.  At Nationwide SCS we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service technicians to meet individual dispatch needs or to execute larger projects.   We specialize in working with larger, nationwide corporations who know they can rely on us to provide quality technicians and consistent management. 

LAN / Fiber Cabling

Nationwide SCS will work with your company to provide supplemental services with our qualified technicians available all over the country and friendly, dedicated staff who are glad to assist.  We offer expert cabling technicians who are comfortable in a wide range of work environments.  

Project Management

Many IT and telecom service businesses choose to partner with Nationwide SCS because they know we provide specialized services, meticulous project management, and reliable technicians.   Companies entrust Nationwide SCS to meet and exceed client expectations.

WAN Construction Services

Enterprise organizations need a process to mitigate WAN construction installation risks and surprises.  We have skilled construction and knowledgeable negotiation that will assist in minimizing  project risks.

Dispatch Services

Have a project which requires knowledgable, professional service technicians to be on site within a day or two?  Partner with us to obtain dispatch services which will empower your company to take on more business.  Expand your client base,  knowing we get the job done professionally.

Wireless LAN Design

IT and telecom companies trust us to install wireless network designs that will work for their customers.  We not only take into account the client’s specific business needs, but also design wireless networks to maximize connectivity and avoid possible interference. 

Broadband Procurement

We want your company to grow and develop.  Companies today are recognizing that fast connections can open doors for business growth,  client satisfaction, and endless opportunites.   Let us provide broadband options that will enable you and your staff to be at their best and most efficient.