Project Planning

Success starts with planning.

Project Execution

Teamwork in action.  

Project Monitoring

Essential to success.


Planning Tasks

  • Refine Scope
  • Define Objectives
  • Develop Project Plan
  • Identify Risks
  • Confirm Costs
  • Predefine Project Team

Execution Tasks

  • Assign Project Team
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Manage Communications
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Perform Quality Assurance

Monitoring Tasks

  • Monitor Project Work
  • Validate Scope
  • Control Schedule, Cost and Risk
  • Track Progress
  • Review Performance


Initiate + Plan + Execute + Monitor = Consistent Success



Early collaboration in any project is helpful.  Identifiying key requirments, stakeholders and timelines should be completed as early as possible.


Jumping through hoops is not fun, can delay projects and potentially cause miss requirements.  Planning is a major key to successful risk mitigation. 


It is all about expierence.  Knowing what questions to ask, what tasks to prioritize and which stakeholders to approach (and in which order) is paramount to project success.


Validating along the project path requires intimate knowledge of the overall project. Project Managers must validate systamatically to keep the project moving to successful completion.


Professional Project Management tips for LAN / WAN Installations

Onsite Vs. Predictive Site Survey

Download PDF Version: Onsite vs. Predictive The end goal of a site survey is to determine the amount of and locations of access points necessary to meet facility design goals like coverage, performance and user capacity. Many businesses are pushing forward with only...

Balanced WiFi Design In Warehouse Environments

Download a copy: Balanced WiFi Design In Warehouse Environments Wifi designs for Warehouse facility environments are very complex and it would be rare if any two facilities are set up the exact same. While lessons learned can be applied to a predictive design, an...

Managing Subcontractor Internal Revenue Risks

  Accounts Payable is more than paying an invoice  Subcontractor Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Payable Requirements Download PDF Version: Managing Subcontractor Internal Revenue Risks.pdf Payroll and tax liability works long after an installation project is...

Average Number of Projects Under Nationwide SCS Management

Average Project Managment Hours Per Project

Average Project Management Cost Per Project ($)

Nationwide SCS Project Process

Gather Information

Obtain all stakeholder information, project documents and timelines.

Verify Requirements

Verify initial requirements with project stakeholders.


Perform location survey.

Validate Scope

Review scope with stakeholders and gain scope approval.

Present Budget

Decisions need to be made after requirements have been correctly identified and surveys show actual the work required to meet the requirements.

Product Installation

Perform the tasks required for each portion of the installation through our well defined  process.

Learning through experience

We are continously learning and adjusting to make our process better.  We install hundreds of projects each quarter for our customers…and we use that expierence to make future customer expierences better.

Sometimes you should take the road more traveled.



Initial Planning

We know what questions to ask



We know how to reduce risk and accuratly project budget costs



We continously managing 100’s of projects across the country for our customers

Want to save valuable time, frustration, and money?