100% US Coverage

No more than 1 hour travel

Four Service Priority Types

to choose from, based on your companies needs.


Nationwide pricing allows companies to know and control costs

LAN Cabling

Our expert team installs CAT5E/CAT6 office networks, patch panels and add structure to your cabling needs.


We troubleshoot telecom service outages,  LAN cabling inconcistencies, and  assist with network outages.


Smart Hands

Nationwide provides qualified professionals when you need on-site  support for network upgrades and equipment refreshes.



Not all extensions are the same. We understand the difference between POTS, T1, MPLS and Ethernet.  We get it done the first time.

Simplified Nationwide Pricing

Our billing model allows you to control your service related costs, regardless of geographic location – Nationwide.

Program Benefits


– Standard (T&M) hourly rates based on priority requested –

– No travel costs in our metro areas –

– One (1) hour travel charge outside metro areas –


– Dedicated Account Team – 

– Online Portal Access (Restrictions Apply) –

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my location have a travel charge?

We provide a “live” map showing our metro areas and the coverage location within each area on our Metro Areas page for quick reference.

During the onboarding process  we will provide both a KML file and and a spreadsheet showing each location and if it has a travel charge.  Additionally, we will provide the travel charge, if applicable, on each scheduled notification.

AND, don’t forget if a locations is not in our metro coverage, we only charge one (1) hour of travel.

Why is my request scheduled for tomorrow, if I requested "Same Day"?

Service requests must be placed prior to 12:00pm – Local Site time.

If a request is received after 12:00pm, local time, the request will be scheduled within 8 business hours.

If you require EMERGENCY service, please request our “Drop Everything” service request.

What are the Service Level Agreements (SLA) for service requests?

We provide best effort on demand service with the following goals:

Standard Request: Acknowledged within eight (8) business hours and scheduled for service 48+ Hours

Next Day: Acknowledged within four (4) business hours and scheduled for service Next Day

Same Day: Acknowledged within one (1) business hour and scheduled for service Same Day

Drop Everything: Acknowledged within one (1) business hour and scheduled for service, first available

If you have specific Service Level Agreements (SLA) requirements, please Contact Us to discuss a Master Service Agreement (MSA).

What are the billing increments?

Billing Increments—1 hour minimum, then, 15-minute increments there after

NO Travel Charges —$0 if within one of our 70 Metro Areas

Travel Charges – Flat 1 hour(based on service priority )if  NOT within one of our 70 Metro Areas

How do I request service?

To request service from us we require customers be set up for billing and have provided a location list prior to requesting service calls.

If you would like to discuss setting up service requests, please Contact Us.

What are the terms and conditions?
  • Service requests must include PO#, corporate contact, local contact, address and detailed description of onsite needs, in order to open a request
  • Must be an existing project customer or have an established MSA with minimum revenue spend
  • Customer must have a dedicated corporate IT contact for tech(s) to work with while onsite to answer technical questions.
  • Parking Fees, if applicable, will be charged at cost.  A receipt will be provided.
  • Union Labor, Mexico and/or Canada Dispatches have additional uplift charge.
  • VAT is charged for Mexico service calls.
  • HST is charged for Canada service calls.

If you would like additional information on our dispatch service, please Contact Us.