Download A Copy: Site Surveys: The Road Map For WiFi Design

When you are looking to upgrade or improve your facilities WiFi network a detailed site survey is essential. Site surveys create the road map for designing a network that optimizes your facilities coverage and performance keeping the facility functioning at its optimal level. In this article we will discuss some key benefits of having a detailed site survey completed. 

Identifies access points and problem areas
A site survey can be thought of as an “air” audit, determining access point locations, how a facility operates, and possible or real interferers. This information is very important when determining the best design and allows you to strategically place or move access points to provide the most stable coverage, minimize blockage or avoid having dead zones.

Maximizes your ROI and Productivity 
A design that keeps your facility functioning to its full potential protects your investment by reducing downtime and repair/troubleshooting costs while increasing profit growth. When taking into consideration the plans for future growth, you can set up a network that enables dynamic growth. 

Safety and Security 
A well planned network keeps your workplace and employees safe by providing them with reliable communication with emergency assistance. Your WiFi survey also takes into consideration compliance regulations and has all components for keeping your network, devices and data secure.

At Nationwide SCS we ensure that all projects are surveyed with all considerations in mind so we can provide you the best options and an accurate quote. If you want to learn more about our Wireless LAN services please email, call us at 800-820-8030 or visit our website.