State Licensing Requirements are not standardized

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Hiring subcontractors can be a tedious task. Not only does it make payments and insurance liabilities a bit difficult to maneuver, it also means you have to be knowledgeable about licensing and permits in the workplace. Safety is of the utmost importance, and using properly licensed contractors will maximize safety and minimize liability.

Legally licensed third parties will make your life easier when dealing with LAN wiring projects and almost any other job that requires skilled contractors. This is due to the fact that in most states, it’s illegal to hire contractors who aren’t specifically licensed. To help you get started navigating the world of state licensing requirements, we highlight items you must understand and how state licensing requirements can impact your project.

Regulations and fines vary depending on state and county

The geographical location of your project matters, a lot. Regulations and penalties for being incompliant vary from state to state, and even county to county and town to town. Check what the parameters of your building permit authority are before contracting decisions are made. If a permit is required, then your contracted employee must be licensed.

Hiring a licensed, contracted employee allows your company to pass on risk in the event any harm or injury occurs during the performance of installation while on site.

You get what you pay for

Hiring subcontractors can get expensive. Don’t be wooed by cheap prices or low ball lump some quotes. If the contractor cannot provide proof of licensure, there is a reason the work is so much cheaper — and is possibly illegal.

Generally speaking, unlicensed contractors aren’t going to be charging high rates, since they do not have the administrative costs associated with getting and maintaining licensing. Bottom line is that permits and proper licensure they obtain cost them money, but shows professionalism and a regard for doing things properly.

If subcontractors work without a permit, projects can be shut down and insurance may not cover damages, if they occur. Projects can be shutdown if permits are not pulled properly. This isn’t just costly and inefficient, it’s unprofessional and reflects poorly on your business.

Thinking long term is a must

Plan to avoid litigation by asking yourself these questions:

  1. How will warranty requests be handled with an unlicensed subcontractor?
  2. What happens if the installation is not up to code?
  3. How is your company liability insurance affected?
  4. Is the overall risk to the company worth the cost savings?

Remember, your project will be depended upon by your business for years to come, being penny-wise today could end up being dollar-foolish tomorrow and beyond.

A good way to ensure company risk is mitigated is to only hire licensed contractors. Contractors that are licensed will not only save money in the long run, but also save you soft cost, time and efforts. 


Structured Cabling & LAN Installations Demand Effective Project Management.

We have the skills necessary to pick up where you need us. Our key to success lies in our method: initiating collaboration, planning the project, executing the project with efficiency, tact and monitoring the success of the project as it moves toward completion. 

Quality is a crucial part of the work we do; since our inception, we’ve completed 10,000+ installations.  Outsourcing LAN Project Management could save hours of FTE for your business and allow your employees to maintain their primary responsibilities while adding value to the business. When your employees have the time and bandwidth to focus on their primary tasks, they spend less time rushing through day-to-day jobs to get the work done and the quality of work your employees produce will reflect positively on your business, just as we will do for the LAN project.

Save time and money by outsourcing LAN project management tasks, open your company to new ideas, form a more effective streamlined workflow and offer your customers better service.

We are continuously learning and adjusting to make our process better based on lessons we learn each day.  If your company wants to save valuable time, avoid frustration and get an immediate ROI on LAN cabling installations using our expertise please contact us.

Save valuable time, frustration and money with our expertise

Removing risk begins with removing assumptions

Communication, Documentation and Seeing Around Corners are the big three roles for risk mitigation.


Early, Frequent and granular communication streamlines any project, but especially WAN Ethernet installations with construction requirements.  


Documentation is critical.  Email communications, project agreements, field notes and project conversations should all be recorded and appropriatly dispersed immediatly.

Seeing Around Corners

It is all about expierence.  Knowing what questions to ask, what tasks to prioritize and which stakeholders to approach (and in which order) is paramount to project success.

Learning through experience

We are continously learning and adjusting to make our process better.  We install hundreds of projects each quarter for our customers…and we use that expierence to make future customer expierences better.

Sometimes you should take the road more traveled.



Initial Planning

We know what questions to ask



We know how to reduce risk and accurately budget costs



We install WAN projects weekly across the country