The importance of identifying technical risks in WAN Ethernet deployments


Our top seven technical risks you should be aware of.

Technical issues turning up a WAN Ethernet are the proverbial “pebbles” in the shoe. The pain is immediate, sharp, and unacceptable. There are ways to avoid the common ones. Technical risks are the easiest to understand, if not remove all together.

The top issue we see is the failure to properly engineer the needs of the circuit itself. The project is handed over too early to construction-oriented contractors. Technical subject matter experts (SME) have cursory engagement mostly due to trying to meet installation dates and milestones.

#1 Proper Circuit / Pathway Engineering

#2 Dedicated electrical power to Demarc

#3 Proper Grounding

#4 Pathway planning: pull boxes sizes and sweeping 90’s

#5 Exterior hand hole size requirements

#6 Code Requirements: Plenum-rated

#7 Property management design approvals


As you can see, there are many environmental risks in WAN Ethernet installations.  Nationwide SCS has installed hundreds of WAN projects and we have a systamtic approach for success..


Save valuable time, frustration and money with our expertise.

Removing risk begins with removing assumptions

Communication, Documentation and Seeing Around Corners are the big three roles for risk mitigation.


Early, Frequent and granular communication streamlines any project, but especially WAN Ethernet installations with construction requirements.  


Documentation is critical.  Email communications, project agreements, field notes and project conversations should all be recorded and appropriatly dispersed immediatly.

Seeing Around Corners

It is all about expierence.  Knowing what questions to ask, what tasks to prioritize and which stakeholders to approach (and in which order) is paramount to project success.

Learning through experience

We are continously learning and adjusting to make our process better.  We install hundreds of projects each quarter for our customers…and we use that expierence to make future customer expierences better.

Sometimes you should take the road more traveled.



Initial Planning

We know what questions to ask



We know how to reduce risk and accurately budget costs



We install WAN projects weekly across the country

Save valuable time, frustration and money with our expertise