The importance of identifying environmental risks in WAN Ethernet deployments


Our top seven environmental risks you should be aware of.

Environment (not only weather) can pose intractable, implacable, and immovable challenges. It is one thing to know this, it is quite another to find ways to keep it from becoming a problem.

Weather can introduce dramatic delays, particularly in the North.  Frozen ground may halt installation for many months if there is an exterior conduit requirement. Missing a deadline before wintry weather sets in can force greater than 90-day delays.

Another highly problematic environmental issue directly relates to the viability of existing conduit or more precisely, the lack of viability. LECs have strict requirements for introducing new fiber into an existing conduit. Length, the number of connections, the fill ratio, degree of bends and pull points — all need to be fully assessed as part of the initial project scope.

#1 Cold Weather / Winter Season

#2 Sub-surface geology and above ground rating for wind & temperature

#3 Aerial installations and lightning strike considerations

#4 Exterior access hardware. Whose responsibility to connect?

#5 Landscape, pavement, aesthetic restoration responsibilities

#6 Hazardous substances that may be disturbed during install, such as lead or asbestos

#7 Property owners may impose difficult aesthetic requirements


As you can see, there are many environmental risks in WAN Ethernet installations.  Nationwide SCS has installed hundreds of WAN projects and we have a systamtic approach for success..


Save valuable time, frustration and money with our expertise.

Removing risk begins with removing assumptions

Communication, Documentation and Seeing Around Corners are the big three roles for risk mitigation.


Early, Frequent and granular communication streamlines any project, but especially WAN Ethernet installations with construction requirements.  


Documentation is critical.  Email communications, project agreements, field notes and project conversations should all be recorded and appropriatly dispersed immediatly.

Seeing Around Corners

It is all about expierence.  Knowing what questions to ask, what tasks to prioritize and which stakeholders to approach (and in which order) is paramount to project success.

Learning through experience

We are continously learning and adjusting to make our process better.  We install hundreds of projects each quarter for our customers…and we use that expierence to make future customer expierences better.

Sometimes you should take the road more traveled.



Initial Planning

We know what questions to ask



We know how to reduce risk and accurately budget costs



We install WAN projects weekly across the country

Save valuable time, frustration and money with our expertise