We are a company of passionate IT professionals focused on bringing project management processes to LAN infrastructure builds for companies with Centralized IT and multi-locations nationwide.

Project Managent

Network installations require careful surveying and detailed planning to ensure the proper installation equipment and a sufficient quantity of materials are on site.  Design functionality and safety is key.

WAN Construction

Enterprise organizations need a process to mitigate WAN construction installation risks and surprises.  We have skilled construction and knowledgeable negotiation that will assist in minimizing  project risks.

LAN Infrastructure

Our professional technicians are experienced in extensive cabling and network installations specifically in large buildings.  Warehouse installations are our specialty.

Dispatch Services

Our goal is provide you with qualified technicians who specialize in networks and cable installation specifically within warehouse buildings.   Our technicians are typically dispatched within 48 hours and are punctual, knowledgable, and customer centric.

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